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LegacyGT.org Rules
LegacyGT.org is meant for owners and enthusiasts of Legacy vehicles, but anybody is welcome so long as they are not here to cause trouble.

Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any inappropriate or problematic content on the forums.

This is a public forum which must remain family-friendly. As such, posting of sexually explicit materials or other adult content outside of the "Big-Boys" forum is not allowed. Any questionable material should be reserved for the Off-Topic forum and anything that is potentially Not Work Safe (bikini models on your car, loud flash animations, video clips containing profanity, etc) MUST be labeled as such.

The views and opinions expressed on the forums are not necessarily those of LegacyGT.org, its owners, administrators, or moderators.

No profanity is allowed. The forums use a “swear filter” to block common profanity. Using alternative methods of spelling these blocked words (symbols, etc) will be handled as problematic posts.

Please avoid cross-posting. If you are posting similar content from another forum, this is allowed, but posting the same content in more than one place on our forums should be avoided. Please pick the most relevant spot to post your content and put it there.

The board has an ALL-CAPS filter (attempts to write an entire title line or post in ALL-CAPS results in the words being auto-cased ("All-Caps" instead of "ALL-CAPS") however excessive use of capslock in a manner that the filter doesn't catch it may result in your post being deleted. Additionally, excessive "elite" style typing is not allowed.

All posts should be made in the correct forum for the topics they address. If it doesn't relate to Legacy ownership, modification, or operation, it is probably Off-Topic.

Trolls are not welcome on the forums and will be banned as soon as detected.

We will not tolerate personal attacks on any member of the forums. No flame wars allowed.

Always be considerate of your fellow Legacy enthusiasts. The membership is comprised of people of all varieties. Please keep this in mind when posting. No ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual "bashing" will be tolerated.

Street racing posts must be posted in the Off-Topic forum or not at all. We cannot support illegal street racing in any way, shape or form and allowing street racing content in the regular forums would be asking for trouble.

Posts that contain items for sale or items wanted to buy must be posted in the Classifieds forum OR in the correct regional forum.

User names, signatures or locations that contain URL’s to websites with parts, service or items for sale are not allowed unless the user is a REGISTERED Vendor. Vendors who wish to promote a product or products must be registered with a Vendor status. Information on becoming a vendor can be obtained by writing to [email protected]

Vendor fees and donations pay for operating costs of this website and keep it free for all other members. Because of this, unregistered vendors who post self-promotional information hurt the board. Please report any advertising by non-vendors. If you are a registered vendor and have another username on this board, please only post advertisments, vendor-related information, and the like using your registered vendor account.

All times are GMT -8. The time now is 10:42 PM.

Subaru and Legacy are trademarks of Fuji Heavy Industries and are used here for identification purposes o­nly. The comments and content are property of their posters.

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