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Default Legacy - photo needed of hood prop rod


Iím looking for someone to help me with a very simple problem.

Iím trying to help my mother with her 2020 Legacy. She lifted the hood of the car to charge the battery, and lowered the prop rod to keep the hood safely lifted. Now she is trying to lower the hood, but canít find the clip that secures the prop rod to the hood, so the rod is hanging. I canít help her directly, since she is in Michigan; Iím in New Jersey.

Normally, Iíd have an easy solution (quick visit to local Subaru dealer to look at it myself), but with Coronavirus, I canít do this.

If someone who owns a recent model Legacy could lift the hood to photograph the prop rod and how the free end is secured to the hood, Iíd appreciate it.

Please email me the photos at [email protected]. Iíll take it from there and teach Mom remotely.

Thanks in advance

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