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Default First time subaru owner....Would like some advice.

Hey everyone, Im Adam. Bought a used 2012 Legacy GT a few days ago. Always had VW's as cars and F-150s as trucks. I must say, in the 100ish miles I have driven in the Legacy, I am quite impressed. Thought I would hate the MPG gauge but seeing it def keeps my foot out of it. Looking on feedback about a few things....

1) In regard to the air filter, going with a K&N (or similar) or buying OEM from dealer?

2) I really dont like how a lot of info is not available to me from the car. I would really like to know the volts, water temp, boost. Wouldnt mind knowing oil pressure & oil temp also. I really dont want to add gauges like autometer or like to the car if I can help it. Would really like to keep it stock. Does anyone have an Edge Insight or similar OBD2 scan gauge? If so, does it pick up the info I would like from the car or no go?

3) After some research I think I am going to stick with the blue subaru oil filters. I normally run Mobil1 full syn 5w-30 in the F150 and see the subaru takes the same. Should I buy the subaru 5w-30 full syn from dealer or ok using the Mobil1. I DO NOT plan on beating the car what so ever if that helps.

Thanks for the help!

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