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Default Liftgate lock actuator wiring

I have an '05 Legacy 2.5 GT wagon with an inoperative liftgate lock actuator. I have tested the solenoid with an external voltage source, it's fine. The relay for the actuator is clicking over fine. When the unlock signal is sent, one of the wires at the actuator connector sends voltage. The other wire is dead. Clearly, that wire is broken or disconnected somewhere between the relay and the solenoid.

I need the liftgate to lock, and I don't relish the idea of ripping apart the entire interior of the car to follow the wiring harness, or paying the shop $100/hr to locate the break. I examined the wires between the liftgate and the body and didn't see anything obvious.

Does anyone know where to access the connectors for this circuit so I can isolate the break with a minimum of disassembly? Thanks!
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Very likely the problem is the wiring coming out through the accordion boot on the right side of the lift gate at the top. There are about 9 wires, when I pulled my boot apart I found 3 broken completely, 3 more cracked. Don't have time to provide detailed directions on how to disassemble the boot or to repair, but there is ample info on on this issue, likely on this site as well.

Good luck.
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