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Default Please help a lady owner in distress...

Hi all, please can you help? I bought my 2010 Legacy about 4 weeks ago - retailer had fitted a new (like for like) replacement satnav/infotainment unit but - is stuck in a "Security" mode -black screen, nothing works.
I bought the car on understanding retailer would get it fixed later. Retailer took it local Subaru dealer a week ago - they can't make it work either!! Very frustrating!
From my own research I understand it's something to do with the ecu needing to recognize/be paired with the new unit but so far the dealer hasn't been able to fix it -( I understand they use a VAGCOM or some similar diagnostic tool to talk to the ECU, rather than the Subaru Select Monitor, which I read somewhere is the official piece of kit required) - ?
Long story short, I'm getting the car back tomorrow unfixed - retailer has suggested installing an after market unit, but that's going to have the same problem surely, if the ecu won't recognize it and leaves it security locked- out?
I am so annoyed - can only assume there must be something more serious amiss as inputting a code shouldn't take a week!!
Any ideas? Is an aftermarket unit the only option?
When I first got the car I disconnected battery for an hour and when reconnected the satnav worked fine for about 20 mins then went blank again - have seen elsewhere disconnecting battery overnight to discharge residual current then rebooting may fix it - but would the dealer really have my car for a week and not try this?! - I am one distressed lady - any help would be appreciated

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Not sure what's going on. I'm new to the legacy, and legacy forum as well, but I would try unplugging the battery for an hour or so. Try pairing the unit to the car if you can. Best of luck.
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