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Default Possible bad rack - looking for opinions

SO long and short of it is I hit a dip in the road the other day, not a pot hole, or a sharp drop, Just an aggressive dip. Next thing I know I have to muscle the steering wheel to turn left. To explain in more detail, I have to force it to the left until I feel a pop, then it turns like normal. If I counter steer right, and swing back left the pop is way less pronounced. 2008 sedan, bone stock, recently replaced rack, lower control arms, ball joints and axles. There is no pump whine when its binding, or at all, in fact I replaced the o-ring a few months back after replacing the rack and filling the system back up with atf procured from the local Suby dealer. I see no evidence of damage under the car, and there are no leaks. Any input would be much appreciated.

PS most of my searching lead me to torque bind, and very little information about the proportioning valve in the rack itself, or any detailed descriptions of what the symptoms are with a bad valve.

Googled with site:legacygt.org as well as combed the forums as best I could.


Edit: Confirmed it was damaged valving in the rack. swapped in a new rack, symptoms vanished. Note: I think this may have been due to aggressive driving coupled with bad control arm bushings allowing pressure to be placed on the valving when it should have been.

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